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Ptosis – Breast Lift Pseudoptosis Low Breasts San Diego

Published on September 20, 2013

PtosisPtosis is another word for hanging, drooping skin. A woman’s breasts sag with age, and when this occurs, a breast lift is the perfect solution. But not every breast is the same, so more-specific analysis is necessary before taking action. How can you tell if a breast lift is right for you?

Pseudoptosis (false ptosis) is a condition where your nipples and areolae have not experienced sagging but the breast tissue below them has. Additionally, some breasts naturally sit lower on the chest. Many people mistake these for ptosis. True ptosis can be identified by looking at the nipples in relation to the inframammary fold (the point where the breast connects to the chest). If your nipple is in line with or below the fold, you have ptosis.

Ptosis and pseudoptosis can both be remedied with breast lift surgery, so if you feel that you have these, contact our office for an appointment with a plastic surgeon. Dr. Mark Mofid is a board-certified plastic surgeon serving the San Diego area. Speak with Dr. Mofid to learn more about what a breast lift can do for you.

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