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Archive for January, 2013

Contemplative Prospective Patients Want To Know…

Published on January 21, 2013

When considering a cosmetic procedure of any kind, most patients are curious to see examples of the patients who’ve gone before them. What has their experience been? Was is successful? What does “success” in this procedure look like? First of

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A Spotlight on Patient Care; Dr. Mofid’s Patient Testimonials

Published on January 14, 2013

Patient before and after photos and testimonials often give the best, most realistic idea for prospective patients of what the patient experience is like and what to expect from a procedure, a recovery and its potential results. Every patient that

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San Diego Breast Lift Surgery

Published on January 3, 2013

Breasts begin to sag for a variety of reasons. Women who have breast fed often see sagging in their breasts just as those with large breasts or those who have lost weight might experience sagging as time passes. Using the