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Female to Male Top Surgery

Female to Male top surgery (FTM) also known as the transmasculine procedure is one of the most common gender reassignment procedures performed on transsexual female to males to create a masculine chest.  Depending on the patient’s breast size, 1 to 2 FTM reconstructive procedures may be performed to obtain the final chest results.  During the 1st stage of transmasculine surgery, depending upon the size of the breasts,  Dr. Mark Mofid determines which surgical approach he recommends to create a masculine chest with the least scarring.  For large breasts, Dr. Mofid usually recommends performing the two-stage Passot technique also known as horizontal reduction surgery, which is a double incision horizontal scar with an inferior pedicle.  The Passot technique allows for a chest and areola size reduction without a midline vertical scar line or free nipple grafts.   If a patient has small breasts and small areola with no excess skin or sagging, Dr. Mofid will recommend single stage direct excision and suction assisted lipectomy (liposuction) which is similar to a nipple preserving subcutaneous mastectomy.  When warranted, during the 2nd stage of transmasculine surgery Dr. Mofid may perform direct excision of the inferior pedicle and liposuction of the axillae for male chest contouring.  By California state law, insurance plans cover surgery as long as patients meet criteria needed for approval.  FTM surgery allows a transsexual male to feel more comfortable in and out of his clothes, helping him identify with his male identity and improving both his social and psychological functions.