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Facial Feminization

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Facial feminization refers to the surgical alteration of the face and its features. Facial feminization surgery is used mostly to soften the features of the face and give a more feminine look.

FFS is tailor made for every person and work extensively to encompass almost every little aspect of the neck and face. There are a variety of different facial feminization procedures that focus on different features of the face. In some cases, multiple facial feminization procedures are performed for more comprehensive results.

Options for Facial Feminization

The facial feminization surgery is focused into addressing the facial features individually.

Forehead Contouring

The Forehead procedure focuses on contouring and reducing the prominence of the brow bone to give it a softer look. Patients with thicker brow bone often require more work. Those with a large brow bone, the front section of the bone is removed to get the desired angles.

Hairline Advancement

The hairline is another crucial element of facial feminization. Male hairlines often recede with age along with patterns of baldness. The scalp is often cut to move the hairline further down towards the face. The incision is hidden within the hair for more natural-looking results.


The objective behind rhinoplasty is to shape the nose to the patient’s ideal size and length. Rhinoplasty for facial feminization focuses on refining the different features of the nose and balancing overall proportions of the face.

rhinoplasty thumb

Cheek Augmentation

Cheek augmentation involves placing implants under the cheek to give a fuller look. Fat grafting cam also be used to add volume to the cheeks.

Lip Lift

A lip lift is often a common procedure in facial feminization. The process can involve shortening the distance between the upper lip and the nose or adding volume to the lips using dermal fillers to give them a fuller appearance.


It is the procedure to alter the shape of the chin. This can be performed to refine the shape of the chin, or to give it a softer appearance based on the specific aesthetic needs of the patient.

Jaw Contouring

Jaw contouring can involve reduction of the bones along the jaw or the addition of jaw implant.

Thyroid Reduction

Also known as Adam’s Apple reduction, this procedure focuses on shaving away thyroid cartilage to reduce the appearance of the Adam’s apple. The incisions for the procedure are made under the chin so that non post-surgical marks are easily visible.

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