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Butt Augmentation FAQ

We’ve gathered a list of common butt augmentation FAQs for patients who are interested in learning more about this popular procedure. After looking over our butt augmentation FAQs, San Diego patients are encouraged to schedule a consultation with Dr. Mofid.

Q: Is Butt Augmentation Safe?

A: Not only does butt augmentation allow patients to get the posterior that they want in terms of shape, size, and heft, the procedure is quite safe. This is because the methods used for butt augmentation have been refined over the years to greatly improve safety.

The possible side effects and risks that were associated with the procedure in the past have been minimized. The implants that are used have also been proven reliable and are specifically made to last. As such, there is no need for patients to worry once they have been cleared during the consultation.

Q: Which Types of Butt Augmentation Are Performed?

A: Several types of butt augmentation can be performed. The two most popular options for augmentation are the Brazilian butt lift (BBL) and buttocks augmentation with implants. Both options have their own merits.

The BBL also provides body contouring, since it utilizes the patient’s own body fat. In cases where there is not enough available excess fat for transfer, implants may be the preferred option.

Q: Do Buttocks Implants Feel Natural?

A: When done right, the implants used for butt augmentation can both look and feel natural. This is why it’s important to choose the right doctor to provide this service. It’s also recommended for patients have realistic expectations and goals in terms of their butt augmentation results.

Q: When Should I Get Butt Augmentation?

A: There is no one “right age” to get butt enhancement. It’s best to wait until all natural growth is complete before getting butt augmentation. In many cases, this is age 18, though for some patients it can be older. For older patients, it’s best to ensure that the patient is in good enough overall health, since poor health can increase the chance of complications. In order to find out if they are too young or too old to get the procedure, patients need to come in for a consultation.

Q: Who Shouldn’t Get a Butt Augmentation?

A: If the patient is sick or is currently undergoing some kind of critical medical treatment, it would be recommended to postpone getting a butt augmentation. Heavy smokers who are unable to quit the habit in the days leading up to the procedure would be advised to hold off until they are able to do so. Other cases can be discussed during the consultation.

Q: How Much Does Butt Augmentation Cost?

A: There are a few crucial factors that can affect the cost of getting butt augmentation. Details that can impact price include the type of butt augmentation performed, the amount of time required to perform the procedure, and anesthesia fees.

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