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Male Gynecomastia in San Diego

Gynecomastia, or male breast overdevelopment, is a common condition that affects up to 60 percent of men. Men with Gynecomastia have excess breast tissue due to genetics, medical problems, drugs, or for unexplained reasons. Fortunately, men can receive Gynecomastia treatment by undergoing liposuction at Dr. Mofid’s practice. To begin this procedure, tiny incisions are made in each breast. Excess fat is then suctioned out through a small liposuction tool known as a cannula, creating a more masculine appearance in the chest area. Dr. Mofid may opt to excise glandular tissue as part of Gynecomastia treatment. After this procedure, many men feel more confident about their bodies and are no longer afraid to expose their chests. Visit Dr. Mark Mofid to discuss male gynecomastia in San Diego. Patients interested in cosmetic face, body, or breast surgery may also visit his La Jolla office for more information on financing or to learn more about the cost of his procedures. Please apply for CareCredit® online to receive instant approval.