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Dr Mofid and wonderful staff,

Hi, this is Sedara, also known as Sera. I just want to say thank you so much for all the amazing work that you’ve done for me in the last year.

Being transgender, being born in the wrong body was always very difficult for me. Living male, was a dysphoric nightmare that affected almost every facet of my life in the negative. A year ago, when I first came to the office I didn’t know what to make of anything in the process. When I was given the opportunity to have a rhinoplasty and cheek implants in October I did not fully comprehend the concept of the healing process.

In the beginning I may have actually said some things that I really regret now. A couple of times I may have mentioned how my nose still looked big, how my features look not as I would have liked. I may have mentioned my lip gap looked a certain way. It was nonsense on my part, and probably based more on fear and dysphoria. Sorry.

I did not understand the concept of the healing, even when I was told. When I got my Tracheal Shave and Lip Lift three months later, I did not understand the idea of the healing process much less the amazing way that it was fast tracked.

I am now out, I am still working on my name change, but I present as female these days and pictures that I have taken these days truly reflect the person that I feel like inside. I am out on social media, and the experience is mostly positive.

I posted a before and after post on my LinkedIn profile that has had over 40,000 views. My self confidence has increased, so has my quality of life. I am now employed at a transgender office helping others like me attain affirming trans care.

I want to apologize if I ever seemed uneducated of the process, I was just nervous and unaware of how much the work changes over time.

As you can see by the pictures that I am attaching to this email, I am pretty happy. Thank you so much for giving me such a different outlook of myself.
I feel like I have been given a new lease on life.

Being a trans woman is hard enough but to truly feel like I’ve always felt inside I just want to thank you from every part of my being thank you so much these are pictures that present a new person for me and I hope my process is still healing so I just wanna say thank you thank you so much.


Sedera Vargas a.k.a. Sera

Dr Mofid,
I am so happy and in tears I cannot believe you fixed my arms doctor you are like a blessing from God you are so talented.. I cannot express in words how much this means to me.

Dr Mofid you are truly so talented and I admire you so much, you should be so proud of yourself because so many doctors was scared to touch me. Even the chief of plastic surgery at UCSD –, did not know how to fix my arms. We should write about this.

Dr. Mofid Thank you, you are a blessing from God


I hope all is well I know I had surgery with Dr. Mofid a few years ago but I wanted to share that you guys are amazing the results are awesome even to this day.

Thanks to Dr. Mofid and Setara.

Dear Dr. Mofid,

Exactly a year ago you laid your expert hands on me and changed my life forever. I often think about you and admire you. You and your professional staff did a great job and showed me the path to happiness.

Thank you!


Dear Dr. Mofid-

Thank you for not only reversing the effects of gravity on my face, but also for the top notch care you and your staff have provided me.

Warmest regards,


Dear Dr. Mofid,

I wanted to my thanks for the amazing reconstruction outcome from my cancer resection. Just two weeks after the surgery the upper half of the incision is barely discernible. The whole process was nearly painless, plus you and your staff were exceptionally kind and professional.

First I learned that I had a cancerous growth followed by the expectation of a sizable scar on the tip of my nose. I couldn’t be more pleased to be free of the cancer with a high degree of certainty and that soon the whole thing will soon be unnoticeable!

Thank you all,


My Dear Doctor!,

Thank you for everything you have done for me. You are not only a brilliant doctor – you are an incredible man.

Connie Y.

Dear Dr. Mofid,

Thank you for giving me hope. Your confidence and calm nature transfers to your patients-something that I needed in a very challenging time in my life!

L. M.

Hi Dr Mark,

I hope you are well.

Thank you very much for emailing through the photos that you took of my arm pre-op, I really appreciate it.

I also want to say a huge thank you to you for doing such a good job on my arm, all the doctors over here in Australia have commented on what a great job you did, so thank you.

Can you also please forward on a big thank you from me to the anesthetist from that night? He was extremely nice and helped calm me down which is what I needed at that point.

I’ve just been given the OK to come back to work, building up to a full day over the next week or so. I’ll have to keep up my physio but I can already feel a lot more movement coming back which is great. I’ll send you photos in a couple of months time once the scars are looking better.

Again, I really thank my lucky stars that you were working at the hospital that night and did such a good job.

Kindest Regards,


Dear Dr. Mofid,

Last year I was put under your care via Yuma Arizona regional medical facility under the worst of circumstances. I was severely beaten by several men outside of a bar in Yuma and pretty much left curbside. I had severe multiple facial fractures with some bleeding on the brain that took care of itself. Now I know you probably don’t remember me but I for sure remember you, and so does my family. I honestly feel that under your care my family and I received the best that one could ask for and couldn’t be happier with the results.

AWESOME! Thanks again!


Hi Dr. Mofid,

In May 2011, I was involved in a bicycle accident that would forever change both my body and my life. I was riding my bicycle when I was thrust head first into a concrete sidewalk. The first time I saw myself in the mirror at the hospital, I stared back at a stranger and I realized that I didn’t have a nose. Over the next 6 months, the only thing that kept me going was the opportunity to have reconstructive surgery and one day again be able to look in the mirror and see my reflection as I knew it.

This is where my journey with you and your amazingly kind and beautiful staff came into being. There is no putting into words the gratitude and debt I feel towards you as both a gifted doctor and a compassionate and kind human being. I personally thank you and the ladies in your office for going to battle with my insurance company to obtain the needed coverage for surgery.

As a direct result of having chosen you as my reconstructive surgeon, I can look in the mirror again and begin to see a more familiar face. You and your staff hold the power to mold and shape miracles, repair bodies and faces, give light, offer reassurance to those patients like myself who have been dealt a bad hand in life and enlist your help to try to rise above it. Thank you so much Dr. Mofid and staff. Love you Guys!!


Dear Dr. Mofid,

I am thanking you as a very grateful patient!

Honestly-more than words are necessary to describe my top notch care and experience I had with you!

Thank you for your expertise, generosity, & incredible result.

Gratefully yours,


Dear Dr. Mofid,

I want to thank you with all my heart for the beautiful work you performed on me, and for all the support that you and your staff gave me.

I love all the extra work you did on me, and for that I will be forever grateful.

Claudia S.

Hi Dr. Mofid – I think about you all the time, and I wanted to say hi after my recent 6 year mark of my accident. Words will never be able to express my deep gratitude for saving my life, and putting me back together. You were the shining light and guardian angel through this whole process, and remained honest and open with my family and told us what we needed to hear. You are a gifted surgeon, and a kind and gentle man. I wish you knew just how important you are to my family and I, but all that comes out is Thank you, over and over, for the rest of my second chance at life! We all love you dearly.


Dear Doctors:

Thank you, so much, for your excellent care! I feel so blessed that Kenneth J. Roth, M.D. referred me to the best! There is hardly any scar showing and you did a beautiful surgery!

Your staff is outstanding ad we felt so welcome in your beautiful office! ………

Very Sincerely,

BJ & S

Dear Dr. Mofid & Staff

Thank you all so much for making my surgery go smoothly and my results fantastic .

I absolutely love my new body and my new confidence.

I recommend Dr. Mofid to all of my friends, colleagues and customers!

Mark, you’re an amazing surgeon with an amazing team.



“Dr. Mofid – just wanted to thank you again for your work! I finally had the courage to take some glamour shots (at 43). and i think the results are awesome. the work you did certainly made a difference in my appearance and confidence.”



Hi Dr. Mofid,

I am happy to report that the wedding went great and I looked wonderful thanks to you! I continue to hear from friends that I look “GREAT” and “well rested” 🙂 (I think its a code phrase for “what did you do???”)

Thanks again for you wonderful, precise and careful work!!! I am so happy that my friends encouraged me to meet with you…leading to my decision to have this done out there. You are amazing!!! Thanks!!!!


“Dr. Mofid, It’s amazing how such a small change can transform the way you feel about yourself. Thank you for restoring my confidence and my happiness. Your kindness will be remembered”


Dear Dr. Mofid,

As you know, prior to coming to see you in December 2009, I had undergone a double mastectomy, and tissue expanders for reconstruction by another surgeon. I had less than optimal results and felt very discouraged. After meeting with you the first time, I really felt like there was hope for me to have normal looking breasts again via the TRAM flap surgery.

I spent the next couple of months looking in the mirror, looking down at my chest, talking with my husband, and soul searching to come to a decision. The scope and length of the surgery was quite frightening to me, and I wondered if! was doing it just for vanity’s sake. Once I decided to move forward, I never looked back, and have never regretted it!

I cannot thank you enough for all you have done for me. At the time, I did not realize just how much the mastectomy had robbed me of my self esteem. Clothes did not fit right and looked horrible and I just wanted to stay home and hide. I continued to gain weight and feel even worse. Nothing anyone said to me seemed to help and I became more and more depressed. My husband would ask me what was wrong and I just could not put how I was feeling into words.

I still remember waking up in the SlCU and wondering what in the world I got myself in to. However, I also remember my husband saying, “Honey, you are going to be really pleased … your breasts look great!” As I began my recovery, you were there every step of the way, explaining and encouraging me and my husband. It did not matter how many questions we had or how many times we may have asked the same ones, you were there for us more than we could have ever expected.

I believe this surgery saved me and my marriage, and has done wonders for my self esteem. I have lost weight, feel good in my clothes, and enjoy being around people again! I have a renewed confidence that was long gone before the surgery, and I have you to thank for this.

Please do not ever underestimate the impact you have on people’s lives! You are an immensely talented and committed Surgeon, and a warm and compassionate man who truly puts his patients first. I have always felt like I am a priority when I call your office or come there, and that is you … . how you practice, and what you expect those who work with you provide to your patients.

“Thank you” seems so inadequate for what you have given me, and given back to me. I will always be indebted to you and your staff. If there is ever anything I can do for you, please let me know.



“Dr. Mofid, I appreciate your taking the time to prepare this information for me concerning the cancer surgery and plastic surgery follow-up which was performed by you. San Diego is fortunate indeed to have your practice here. I am especially fortunate to be the recipient of your skill and excellent care.”


“Dr. Mofid, Just wanted to thank you again for the phenomenal care that was given to me while I was in San Diego. You went above and above and beyond as always….especially given the last minute planning with my surgery. I can’t thank you enough! You have changed my life twice; not many people can say that. You are an amazing doctor and surgeon! Please thank Nicole, Setara, Andrea and the anesthesiologists involved in my before and after care. You are all amazing and I can’t thank you enough.”


“I hope you are well and I could not be happier with the results of my procedure- It definitely changed my life for the better and I could not be more thankful to you.”


“Dr. Mofid, Thank you so much! I am very happy with my results. You are an amazing Surgeon. I am grateful for the care I received from you and your staff.”


“Dr. Mofid, it has been almost 10 years since my gastric bypass surgery and have had 12 surgeries with different plastic surgeons in an attempt to make my body normal again after losing 120 pounds. I can honestly say that my experience with you as my surgeon and your staff at Mofid Plastic Surgery far outshines, by leaps and bounds, any previous physician’s care. There are not enough adjectives in the dictionary to describe how I feel about my experience with Mofid Plastic Surgery. I have heard ” the patient is our number one priority” many times in your office from you and your staff and the consistency and philosophy is demonstrated over and over again. It is obvious that the example you set, your high standards and expectations, has been embraced by your staff. Setara, Nicole and Danielle embody your philosophy about the kind of business you want to run and how well you treat your patients. I like that Danielle and Nicole know who I am when I call and acknowledge me by name and Setara is a gift from heaven. She is very organized and proficient and returned all my calls promptly with answers to my questions. As for the actual operating room experience, I felt my personal dignity was being protected as I was not undressed and electrodes were not placed on my body before I was put to sleep. My surgical nurse treated me like a person and not a number. She worked overtime and even walked me to my hotel and arranged the pillows on the bed to make sure I was comfortable before she left.. It is rare, in my life, that my expectations are met or exceeded but Mofid Plastic Surgery has knocked this one out of the ball park. I felt valued as a patient. Dr. Mofid you are simply the best and my only regret is that I did not find Mofid Plastic Surgery sooner.”


“Mark, I just wanted to contact you around the one year mark and say Thank you again. I am so happy with my appearance. You did a great job and I will always be thankful for having such a sensitive and caring doctor. My best to you and your family, I do hope you are enjoying your practice.”


“Dr. Mofid, I am blessed to have been able to met such a wonderful person. You have played a major role in my life. I have never met someone with such a big heart that would go out of their way like you have done for me. I will be sure to come in and visit you as much as possible and I hope we can keep in touch through the years. I wish you the best of luck! Thank you again for everything and I will never forget everything you have done for me!”


“Words will never be able to express the gratitude my wife and I feel for the wonderful work you did on my facial reconstruction surgery and the great care I received in my office visits. I would like to let you know that your kindness and generosity will be remembered every time I look in the mirror”


“I just want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for everything you and your staff have done for me. You all made me feel very well cared for in my initial consult through my recovery.

“Danielle and Deirdre always gave me a warm and heartfelt welcome both in person and over the phone. My questions and concerns were always properly directed and promptly communicated. They are a delightful duo. Setara is so nurturing in her ways and has a wonderful eye for detail. I truly appreciated that she carefully listened to my desires and took them into consideration with the morphing. She is so sweet and reassuring. Dr. Mofid, you are so wonderful. I’m not even sure where to begin. Your warmth and bedside manner are outstanding. I am so very thankful for every promptly returned phone call, your attention to detail and concern for my well being in and outside of the operating room. As a nurse, I have had a lot of exposure to doctors and feel you are a gem in the healthcare profession. You have certainly lived up to your reputation as being meticulous. I will be sure to return to you in the future if needed and would be more than happy to serve as a reference for you and our staff to prospective patients as well. It was my pleasure to refer you for a rhinoplasty this past week and I will continue to sing your praises. Thank you again to you and your staff from the bottom of my heart for a job very well done. Yours truly.”


“Dr. Mofid is a very pleasant and caring individual. He made me feel comfortable about the decision I was making regarding breast augmentation. He did a wonderful job and it has changed my life.”


“Dr. Mofid is a wonderful surgeon. He performed a breast augmentation for me and I am very satisfied with the results. Very professional and personable! He is strongly recommended!”


“I loved the work Dr. Mofid did for me. I had a tummy tuck, breast augmentation, neck lift, brow lift, and facelift. My gynecologist said it was the best tummy tuck she has ever seen. Thanks, Doc.”


“I highly recommend Dr. Mofid as he has done a great job with my breast augmentation. My incision site was at the belly button and because it has healed up so well, you would never know I had a ‘boob job’ at two months. I am very happy with my result and the aftercare he has provided. Thanks again.”


“Dr. Mofid performed my full tummy tuck with muscle repair and liposuction. I had excellent results and NO complications. I am extremely pleased with the results and would definitely go to him again for any further work. He showed genuine concern for my satisfaction with the results of the surgery.”


“It gives me great pleasure to highly recommend Dr. Mofid for his incredible artistic ability as a plastic surgeon and also that fact that he is very professional, along with being warm and caring. He understands your concerns and the uncertainty you may have about the surgery. I couldn’t have asked for better treatment and the outcome of my abdominoplasty (tummy tuck) and liposuction was more than I could have ever expected for a woman over 50. Before surgery, I thought the outcome would be good, but I never dreamed I’d look this GREAT again. Dr. Mofid is exceptional.”


“Dr. Mofid performed breast implant surgery for me. I am absolutely thrilled with the results! Dr. Mofid is articulate, talented, and personable and I highly recommend him.”


“Dr. Mofid listened to me and now I look a terrific. A long vacation? No one is quite sure, I just look well rested. And I was back showing property in less than a week. Would I ever let someone else work on me? Never.”


“Dr. Mofid is not only an excellent plastic surgeon, but also a very caring and an incredibly detail-oriented doctor. He takes his time to listen and cares a great deal for his patients. He performed my liposculpture in April 2004 and the results were amazing. So much more than I had ever expected! Thank you, Dr. Mofid.”


“The surgical experience was pleasant and the post-op course was without complications. The facelift dramatically improved my appearance, particularly the contour of my neck and jaw, and truly made me look ten years younger. As a result, I have greater self-confidence and I am on the way to achieving many previously unrealized goals in my professional and personal life.”


“I had a rhytidectomy (facelift) performed by Dr. Mofid in January 2004 in conjunction with a resident program at Johns Hopkins Hospital. My concern was an inherited ‘turkey neck’ and general sagging of the face. I was extremely happy with the results – friends say I look ten years younger – and without hesitation can recommend Dr. Mofid for plastic surgery. In addition to his medical skill, he has a personal demeanor that puts the patient very much at ease in what is at best a scary situation for most of us. Because I look younger, I feel and act younger, thus am enjoying life more as I enter my 70s. Dr. Mofid has since left my area and started a private practice in California, but we stay in touch. I think my decision to have the work done and the fact that he became my physician are two great events in my life.


“I can’t tell you what a difference Dr. Mofid has made in my life. I started this venture not believing it could really be done, but I recieved what could only be considered as a miracle. When I lost all the weight and what was left of my body certainly wasn’t pretty, I just said Ok. Then I found out that I could get a new suit of the rack instead of having it tailored. I have gained another special joy and privilege of enjoying life even more-thanks to you all.”


“I highly recommend Dr. Mofid; he performed a body lift, liposuction, and a thigh lift on me. I am very happy with my results. Dr. Mofid is very personable and professional. He truly cares about his patients. I plan on traveling to La Jolla, California to see him for more plastic surgery.”


“I would without question recommend Dr. Mofid for any type of plastic surgery. He is a very caring, professional surgeon that is extremely talented. He did my liposuction in January 2004. I could not be any more pleased than I am. Thank you, Dr. Mofid!”


“Dr. Mofid performed a full facelift for me in September 2003 while at Johns Hopkins University in Balto. He was personable, kind, thorough, accessible, and he literally took 20 years off my face. I would NOT hesitate to highly recommend him to anyone. I would certainly fly to San Diego to have Dr. Mofid perform any procedure I may opt for in the future without hesitation. He called me at home on several occasions to inquire about my welfare and genuinely cared about my progress and my satisfaction. Dr. Mofid is AWESOME.”


“Dr. Mofid did an amazing job on the laceration on my forehead last august. It has almost been a year and you can barely see my scar. You did such a wonderful job on my face as well as the personal care you have shown since then, there isn’t a plastic surgeon I would feel as comfortable with and trust as much as you.”


“Thank you for all your help! I had a wonderful experience thanks to Dr. Mofid’s excellent artistic and superb surgical skills, not to mention the best staff there is! May god bless you–who could have ever guessed that I would actually have the opportunity to buy real size pants without looking for something for hours that would just go around my legs–forget styles I liked. I can’t tell you what you have given me! Whether career, to marriage with my patient husband of 37 years–to setting examples for my children and grandchildren–that there is no such thing as a dream to big–or even a dream you didn’t realize was possible. Thanks!!”


“Dr.Mofid, On July 9th I feel I had a miracle! You were most kind–especially after 10 hours of surgery–to “stitch” me up knowing you probably wouldn’t be reimbursed. I consider you a master plastic surgeon and am all the more grateful for your generosity”


“Dr. Mofid, since my pectoral augmentation and abdominal liposuction, I am very happy with my life. I have found someone to love, and the first thing they noticed about me was my nice chest and abs. You don’t know how much that meant to me, I am so proud of my chest and abs. I began to look at myself more in the mirror everyday. Thank you so much Doctor, you did a very great job. Your work not only improved my looks, but improved my life completely, and that is something you should be proud of. I will see you soon for my facelift!”


“Dr. Mofid and Staff, Just wanted to say thank you so much for making the Breast augmentation process such a positive experience for me. From day one you’ve all been so friendly and professional. I’m very pleased with the results and will definitely recommend Dr. Mofid to anyone considering a Breast augmentation”


“Dr. Mofid, Thank you so much for making it possible for me to have this surgery. You’re amazing and talented at what you do, so I feel blessed and honored to have you operate on me”


“Dr. Mofid, your calm assuring manner made my surgery a lot easier. I appreciate your professionalism and skill. Thanks for taking such good care of me.”


“Thank you so much for all you’ve done for me. Thank you for being a conservative perfectionist and knowing so much about the effects of radiation. In talking with women with a similiar experience, I am totally convinced I have the best surgeon in the world. I am now confident that I will feel beautiful and normal agian. I guess the storytellers were wrong – you really can put humpty dumpty back together agian”


“Thank you for taking such good care of me and please thank your staff, they were so nice to me”


“Dr. Mofid, I am so greateful. I can’t thank you enough for everything. Especially for being my hero that night I smacked my nose.”


“Dr. Mofid, I know this comes a little late, but I have never forgotten the service you did for my firend. I’m sorry to hear she had to have radiation, but I hope your work won’t be a waste of time. I hear she is doing great and everything is going well. Your a wonderful man with a beautiful gift to operate. Thank you for all that you do.”


“Dr. Mofid, No words can say thank you for what you have given me- you’ve allowed me to trade self. Conscious embarrasment for self confidence, frustration for joy. Allowed me to give my husband a good looking person after 38 years of marriage, and blessed me with caring, patience, skills, and abilities I needed to trust a surgeon. In return-thank you seems so weak, but I will always keep you and yours in my prayers that you may be blessed as you bless so may others”


“Dr. Mofid, Couldn’t wait until tommorow to let you know how much my personal trainer loved the work you did on my butt. She also said twenty something guys were checking me out and my gym clothes look fabulous since now they are so tight”