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Chin Implants in San Diego

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A strong chin complements the face by adding balance and forming an attractive contour. These qualities greatly improve the aesthetics of the profile by making the nose appear less prominent on the face. Dr. Mark Mofid selects the proper location for placement and the shape of the implant to be used based on the patient’s specifications and facial features. The chin implant incision is placed either inside the mouth along the lower lip or in the skin underneath the chin area. Men and women who would like to see what they would look like with chin implants are invited to visit the practice of Dr. Mofid for a consultation and digital imaging session. Schedule an appointment today to learn more about chin implants in San Diego by Dr. Mofid. Patients interested in cosmetic face, body, or breast surgery may also visit his La Jolla office for more information on financing or to learn more about the cost of his procedures. Please apply for CareCredit® online to receive instant approval.

More Information about Chin Implants – By Dr. Mofid

Chin implant procedures are typically to improve the appearance and projection of the chin region.

These surgeries are typically performed through an incision underneath the chin in the submental region or between the upper lip and the teeth in the lower gingival region. The implants used are silicone implants, though a variety of other materials have been described for the performance of these surgeries.

Chin implant procedures typically take less than 30 minutes to perform on an outpatient basis under general or deep sedation anesthesia. The recovery from this procedure typically takes less than 1 week before return to work, and in many cases, patients may resume normal physical activities within 2 to 3 weeks. Final healing and the resolution of swelling is typically less than 4 to 6 weeks.