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San Diego Laser Hair Removal

Published on July 15, 2013

Conventional hair removal methods such as shaving, waxing, threading or tweezing require constant upkeep and can even be painful. If you are looking for a more long-lasting, effective hair removal method, you may want to consider Laser Hair Removal. Dr.

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Rhinoplasty San Diego

Published on July 11, 2013

There are many people that consider rhinoplasty for various reasons. People are often unhappy with the size or shape of their nose while others have difficulty breathing due to an abnormality in their nose. A skilled rhinoplasty surgeon, Dr. Mofid

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Restoring Youth to the Face with a San Diego Brow Lift

Published on July 8, 2013

A heavy, sagging brow can develop over time with age or be hereditary and can give your face unwanted characteristics. Previous San Diego Brow Lift patients, prior to the procedure, reported feeling as though their faces were communicating a sadness,

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San Diego Facial Rejuvenation – Face Lift

Published on July 4, 2013

These days there are many facial rejuvenation procedures available to benefit men and women who are dissatisfied with the effects early aging has taken on their faces. Fine lines, creases, wrinkles and sagging skin are all signs of aging which

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A Firmer Midsection with San Diego Abdominoplasty

Published on June 24, 2013

Our abdomen is one of the many parts of the body that likes to collect fat. Once fat has made it’s self at home around the midsection, it is often very difficult to get rid of through traditional diet and

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San Diego Before & After Patient Photos

Published on June 20, 2013

The hardest part of any patient’s plastic surgery journey if finding a Plastic Surgeon that embodies both artistry and technical knowledge and can make the patient feel both at ease and confident in their ability. As you research Plastic Surgeons

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Breast Lift Surgery – San Diego

Published on June 17, 2013

Many women are dissatisfied with their breasts for various reasons, one of them is due to breasts which have begun to head south, droop and sag. This sagging can occur due to breast feeding, changes in weight, naturally with age

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Reverse Common Signs of Aging with San Diego Face Lift

Published on May 30, 2013

Face lift surgery is widely recognized as the ultimate in facial rejuvenation procedures. Both men and women can benefit from a face lift if they are unhappy with the appearance of sagging skin, fine lines and wrinkles. San Diego board

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San Diego Breast Lift Procedure

Published on May 23, 2013

Wish you could naturally achieve the perky breasts of your youth? It may not be possible to naturally achieve youthfully rejuvenated breasts, but you can achieve natural looking, beautifully vital breasts through San Diego Breast Lift surgery. The effects of

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Lift the Brow – See the Difference

Published on May 13, 2013

Both the effects of time and genetics can cause a heavy, sagging brow to develop. A heavy brow often creates an intense, unhappy, tired or even angry appearance, which in most cases is not desired. Dr. Mofid has helped several

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