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Eyelid Surgery – Blepharoplasty San Diego

Published on January 23, 2015

Wrinkled, puffy, and drooping eyelids are an obvious marker of the aging process, one that can make us appear tired or sullen. The ideal way to correct these issues and rejuvenate the eyelids is with eyelid surgery, also known as

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Augmentation Mastopexy – San Diego Breast Procedures

Published on December 18, 2014

Augmentation mastopexy – a breast lift combined with a breast augmentation – is a popular procedure with many women, especially those who have experienced pregnancy and have breastfed their children. Though pregnancy causes the breasts to enlarge, this is a

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Sculptra Treatments – Injectables San Diego

Published on November 21, 2014

Though it’s not often mentioned in one’s daily life, facial volume is important. With less facial volume, a person can look gaunt, tired, and older than they really are. To restore facial volume, many patients use Sculptra treatments. In most

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Labial Rejuvenation – San Diego Cosmetic Procedures

Published on October 17, 2014

Patients are interested in labial rejuvenation for various different reasons. Some patients are in need of functional labiaplasty. If the size and shape of the labial lips causes you discomfort or pain during intercourse or other physical activities, you may

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Breast Enhancement Revision – Breast Implants San Diego

Published on September 19, 2014

Have you been feeling unsatisfied with the results of your breast augmentation operation? Breast enhancement revision, a way to correct issues from a previous breast surgery, may be very helpful. One of the many solutions it can offer is a

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Brow Lift – San Diego Forehead Lift Procedure

Published on August 15, 2014

To rejuvenate the brow and forehead areas, plastic surgeons offer a technique known as the brow lift. This is a method of tightening these areas via the removal of excess skin. The brow lift procedure can be used to correct

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Male Breast Reduction – Surgical Drains San Diego

Published on July 18, 2014

To remove excess breast tissue from the male chest, male breast reduction surgery is often necessary. This procedure takes away breast tissue, fatty tissue, and excess skin to create a more masculine chest. Directly after your male breast reduction operation,

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Sculptra – Poly-L-Lactic Acid San Diego Collagen

Published on June 16, 2014

Have you heard of poly-L-lactic acid? It’s a polymer that can help revitalize your face by making your skin firm, tight, and youthful. Particles of this polymer are the active ingredient in Sculptra, an injectable that just might be perfect

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Revision Breast Surgery – San Diego Implant Shift

Published on June 6, 2014

Over time, a patient’s breast implants may shift as a result of the steady pull of gravity. This unfortunate process can cause breast asymmetry or an unusual appearance in one or both breasts. To correct implant shift and a variety

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Breast Augmentation Revision – Breast Surgery San Diego

Published on May 30, 2014

Breast augmentation revision is ideal for those who are left feeling unsatisfied with one or more aspects of their breast augmentation results. This procedure can be used to solve a number of issues. Breast augmentation revision can correct aesthetic issues

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