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Eyelid Surgery – Blepharoplasty San Diego

Published on January 23, 2015

Eyelid Surgery San DiegoWrinkled, puffy, and drooping eyelids are an obvious marker of the aging process, one that can make us appear tired or sullen. The ideal way to correct these issues and rejuvenate the eyelids is with eyelid surgery, also known as blepharoplasty.

What causes the sagging and wrinkling of the eyelids? When we age, we experience a decrease in the amount of collagen and elastin protein in our skin tissues. Our bodies are able to produce less of these proteins over time, causing this dip. Less-elastic skin, along with less muscle tissue support, means drooping eyelid skin. Eyelid surgery tightens the area and removes unnecessary tissue.

Find out more about the eyelid surgery procedure we offer by speaking with Dr. Mark Mofid, a board-certified plastic surgeon with years of experience. Contact us today to make an appointment with Dr. Mofid.

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