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Rhinoplasty San Diego

Published on July 11, 2013

There are many people that consider rhinoplasty for various reasons. People are often unhappy with the size or shape of their nose while others have difficulty breathing due to an abnormality in their nose. A skilled rhinoplasty surgeon, Dr. Mofid can help improve the appearance of your nose and improve your breathing abilities using the latest in nose surgery techniques.

A nose that is misshaped can take attention away from an otherwise beautiful face. A nose may be misshaped due to genetics or become misshaped due to injury. San Diego Rhinoplasty is effective in reducing the size of the nose, reshaping the end of the nose, removing a bump on the bridge of the nose, or create smaller nostrils. Dr. Mofid uses nose surgery to alter the appearance of the nose restoring balance and symmetry to the face.

Breathing issues may also be remedied using rhinoplasty surgery. While the outside of the nose may appear fine, the inner part of the nose may be to blame for breathing issues. Imperfections of the interior part of the nose may cause difficulty breathing or snoring. Dr. Mofid can alleviate these issues with rhinoplasty.

If you would like to discuss how rhinoplasty can improve your appearance or ability to breath, contact our office to schedule a consultation.

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