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Relieving Pains Associated with Large Breasts with Breast Reduction Surgery

Published on December 17, 2012

Many people don’t realize that large breasts cause a number of emotional and physical stresses. Women with breasts that are too large for their body often suffer from neck, shoulder and back pain. Social situations may be awkward and clothing that fits properly may difficult to find. Using San Diego breast reduction surgery, Dr. Mofid can improve your self confidence and eliminate the physical pains associated with extra large breasts.

Breast reduction surgery is designed to create smaller, lighter breasts that are in proportion with the rest of the body. This surgery is extremely beneficial for those who’s large breasts keep them participating in normal physical activity or cause self consciousness. Patients who have undergone breast reduction surgery find that they not only feel better about their appearance but are also relived of the physical pains associated with their large breasts.

Breast reduction surgery can be truly life changing. If you are interested in learning more about breast reduction surgery, contact our office and schedule your confidential consultation with board certified plastic surgeon Dr. Mofid.