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Correcting Inverted Nipples – San Diego

Published on May 9, 2013

As many as up to 20% of women are born with Inverted Nipples, some develop Inverted Nipples later in life after breastfeeding, dramatic weight loss, trauma or other causes. There are three levels of severity in Inverted Nipples. Grade 1 Inverted Nipples are easily drawn out and/or stay drawn out for an extended time. Grade 2 Inverted Nipples may come out with stimulation, but do not stay out for long. Grade 3 are always Inverted. One woman can also have two nipples at different grade levels, even one entirely inverted and the other erect.

Having Inverted Nipples is not generally a health risk, although there are some serious conditions which can cause nipples to invert that should be ruled out first. Inverted Nipples can also make nipple hygiene harder and can occasionally hinder breastfeeding. Typically women who have inverted nipples that seek out repair, do so because they consider them a cosmetic deformity and feel they would feel sexier with the more typically seen erect nipples.

If you are considering having Inverted Nipple Repair, we invite you view our Before and After Gallery to see some of the results our patients have seen. Contact us today if you have any questions!

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