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San Diego Arm Lift Surgery

Published on October 3, 2011

With age our skin loses it’s elasticity, this also occurs after significant weight loss and it causes the skin to sag. In either of these cases, when the loose, excess, sagging skin is on the arms the best solution for creating sleeker, more toned arms is through Brachioplasty. Brachioplasty, also known as Arm Lift Surgery, is a procedure to remove the excess skin on the upper portion of the arms. While diet and exercise are an important part of a healthy lifestyle, they cannot do anything to rid excess skin. After the procedure, it will be important to maintain a healthy lifestyle in order to maintain the results achieved.

Good candidates for Brachioplasty should be in the healthy weight range and have been for several months. Being in good health, non-smokers and having realistic goals are also important. In order to determine if Brachioplasty will be right for you, a consultation is needed. Contact our office today to schedule your consultation with Dr. Mofid.

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