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Breast Augmentation Procedure in San Diego

Depending on each patient’s needs and preferences, Dr. Mofid may make the incisions in the armpits (Transaxillary), under the breasts (Inframammary), or around the areolas (Periareolar). In all cases, Dr. Mofid will hide the incisions in order to create the most natural-looking result.

After Dr. Mark Mofid makes the appropriate incisions he creates a pocket either under the pectoral muscle (submuscular) or directly behind the breast tissue over the muscle. The technique for placing and positioning the implants is determined on the type of implant, the size of the implant, the patient’s body type, and the recommendation of Dr. Mofid.  The breast implants will be adjusted for positioning and symmetry before Dr. Mofid closes the incisions.