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Choosing your Breast Implants

There are several factors to consider in choosing the type of breast implants used for each patient. Some women seek subtle enhancement while others are looking for a dramatic impact. Dr. Mark Mofid works with the patient on an individual basis until he is able to visualize the finished result accurately and develop a treatment plan to achieve it.

The two major types of breast implants available are saline and silicone implants. Saline is a sterile salt water solution, while the silicone used for silicone breast implants is an elastic gel. The two types of breast implants differ in material and consistency. Saline-filled breast implants consist of a silicone shell that’s filled with saline after the shell has been inserted and is in place. Silicone gel implants also consist of a silicone outer shell, but they’re pre-filled with a silicone gel rather than saline. Silicone gel has a viscosity that closely mimics human fat, which is a large component of female breast tissue.

Women can learn more about saline and silicone breast implants at Dr. Mofid’s office in the La Jolla area. Choosing which breast implants to use during breast augmentation surgery involves making decisions on a number of issues, such as the appropriate size and shape for the implants. Dr. Mofid provides consultations for women who would like to determine which types of implants most ideally suit their bodies and aesthetic preferences.