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Breast Augmentation Candidates in San Diego

Board certified plastic surgeon Dr. Mark Mofid, feels that it is extremely important for women to feel comfortable and proud with their appearance and their self-esteem. Breast augmentation with saline implants or FDA approved silicone gel filled implants may benefit women who feel that their breasts are too small, unevenly-shaped or sized, disproportionate to their bodies, or not as youthful after child birth.

Women who are looking to enhance their physical appearance and have realistic expectations for their results are invited to schedule an appointment with Dr. Mark Mofid to determine what incision location, implant size, shape, and filler material will best help them to achieve their desired appearances.  Obtaining a better understanding about breast augmentation surgery may help in making these important decisions. Dr. Mark Mofid understands the anxiety and excitement patients feel when they come in for their consultations, and takes the time to explain and ease them into making the right decision based upon their individual needs.

To see if you would be a candidate for a Breast Augmentation with Implants, visit the San Diego office of Dr. Mark Mofid to receive a comprehensive consultation from a board certified plastic surgeon.