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Thank you so much for all the amazing work

Published on November 14, 2022

Dr Mofid and wonderful staff,

Hi, this is Sedara, also known as Sera. I just want to say thank you so much for all the amazing work that you’ve done for me in the last year.

Being transgender, being born in the wrong body was always very difficult for me. Living male, was a dysphoric nightmare that affected almost every facet of my life in the negative. A year ago, when I first came to the office I didn’t know what to make of anything in the process. When I was given the opportunity to have a rhinoplasty and cheek implants in October I did not fully comprehend the concept of the healing process.

In the beginning I may have actually said some things that I really regret now. A couple of times I may have mentioned how my nose still looked big, how my features look not as I would have liked. I may have mentioned my lip gap looked a certain way. It was nonsense on my part, and probably based more on fear and dysphoria. Sorry.

I did not understand the concept of the healing, even when I was told. When I got my Tracheal Shave and Lip Lift three months later, I did not understand the idea of the healing process much less the amazing way that it was fast tracked.

I am now out, I am still working on my name change, but I present as female these days and pictures that I have taken these days truly reflect the person that I feel like inside. I am out on social media, and the experience is mostly positive.

I posted a before and after post on my LinkedIn profile that has had over 40,000 views. My self confidence has increased, so has my quality of life. I am now employed at a transgender office helping others like me attain affirming trans care.

I want to apologize if I ever seemed uneducated of the process, I was just nervous and unaware of how much the work changes over time.

As you can see by the pictures that I am attaching to this email, I am pretty happy. Thank you so much for giving me such a different outlook of myself.
I feel like I have been given a new lease on life.

Being a trans woman is hard enough but to truly feel like I’ve always felt inside I just want to thank you from every part of my being thank you so much these are pictures that present a new person for me and I hope my process is still healing so I just wanna say thank you thank you so much.